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Gum Surgery Treatment in Wakad Pune

Enamel Dental Care is well-known for Gum Surgeries Treatment in Wakad Pune. Gum surgeries are recommended in case of severe and advanced gum infections. Symptoms of gum disease are:

  • Swollen, red, or bleeding gums 
  • Deep pockets between your gums and teeth
  • Gums that recede or pull away from your teeth
  • Loose teeth
  • Pain while  chewing
  • Bad breath

Patients may need to stop certain medication (blood thinners, aspirin etc.) before the procedure. There are different types of surgical options decided by the expert doctors which suits your specific condition. The procedure carried out at Enamel Dental Care are Flap surgery, Bone grafting, Guided tissue regeneration, Soft tissue grafts.

Many people opt for Gum surgery to make their smile look attractive, as the purpose of gums is to give shape and form to the contours of teeth. At Enamel Dental Care, we perform two types of Cosmetic Gum Surgeries Treatment in Wakad Pune; when gums are large (excessive gingival display) or when the gums are too small (gum recession). The surgical procedure is mild and easily recoverable. The effects can also be noticed immediately. This procedure carries low risk but remarkable result associated with cosmetic improvements. The procedure we use during Gum Surgeries Treatment in Wakad Pune is to improve a gummy smile by removing or cutting back a portion of the excessive gum. The advantages to Gum Surgeries Treatment in Wakad Pune extend beyond the cosmetic improvement of your smile and into the improvement of the actual health of your gums. The follow-up care consists mainly of an antibacterial mouth rinse to prevent infection from setting in while you recover from the gum surgery procedure.